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Time and place for the Estonian Car Fair, the Estonian Food Fair and the Estonian Wedding Fair

May 9-10, 2020 at 11:00–20:00 (Sat) and 11:00-18:00 (Sun) in Tallinn, Song Festival Grounds, free admission. 


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Welcome to the Estonian Car Fair – Drive!

The mission of the Estonian Car Fair - Drive! lies in providing those interested in cars and transport with new and useful information as well as broaden road users’ knowledge they need for staying safe. The fair also gives a comprehensive overview of the current situation and developments in the Estonian automotive sector to local visitors and guests from abroad. 

To do all that, we welcome everyone who has at least something to do with the automotive sphere and would like to contribute to its development to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds at the first weekend of May every year. This includes vendors and importers of cars, other vehicles and accessories, traffic-related organizations and opinion leaders. 

The Estonian Car Fair - Drive! is a source of new information, knowledge and activity opportunities. There will be presentations, competitions, training sessions for general public, and many other exciting events. The Estonian Car Fair – Drive! takes place at the same time as the Estonian Food Fair – Bon Appetit! and, as it is a good old custom in this country, there will be plenty of good food and drink, excellent company and merry music to enjoy. The cultural segment of the fair is rather versatile and includes activities for adults and children alike in addition to providing information about fascinating entertainers who can come to your party to make it even more fun. 

The Estonian Car Fair is a family event, and its grounds with the area of 100 000 mfeature a large playground, too. Both the Estonian Car Fair and the Estonian Food Fair will be hosting a total of up to 700 exhibiting participants and are expecting about 100 000 visitors in two days. The admission is free. 

Combined with the Estonian Food Fair, the Estonian Car Fair is the country’s largest car-themed attraction and will definitely be of interest to our residents and foreign guests. 

See you on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, at the Estonian Car Fair – Drive!

Margus MurakasMargus Murakas

For exhibiting participants

The Estonian Car Fair – Drive! is an advertising, sales promotion and communication project which aims to introduce the exhibiting participants’ products and services on major fair grounds, in the media ensuring state-wide and international contacts.  

The content-filled open-air fair in an attractive location with free admission for guests is a great opportunity for the industry enterprises to meet a large number of clients, get their feedback directly and achieve sales turnover

The fair welcomes everyone who has at least something to do with the automotive sphere and would like to contribute to its development as exhibiting participants. This includes vendors and importers of cars, other vehicles and accessories, traffic-related organizations and opinion leaders.

10 good reasons to take part in the Estonian Car Fair - Drive!:

  • The Estonian Car Fair - Drive!is a major event for all automotive professionals and amateurs;
  • The 100 000 mfair grounds and up to 700 exhibiting participants will be able to cater for a total of 100 000 visitors in two days;
  • The admission to the fair is free for visitors;
  • For exhibiting participants, the participation is sensibly priced and commercially beneficial;
  • The fair is held in an attractive and easily accessible locations, which people like;
  • Exhibiting participants will obtain advertising contact in state media, the fair newspaper and the dedicated TV show;
  • The structure and content of the fair are precisely positioned: only automotive companies will be located in large theme zones, and only catering companies will be placed in the food fair’s large theme zones; 
  • The duration of the fair is reasonable and sufficient for people to get the information they need;
  • The fair club will be the place to relax and network. The admission to the after-party is free for exhibiting participants;
  • The collaboration in management with the fair organizers is simple and professional. 

Contact us if you would like to take part. The number of exhibiting participants is limited! Let’s drive! 

Aivo HalanurmAivo Halanurm
Organizer of the Estonian Car Fair
+372 515 7507 


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Facts (by Statistics Estonia):

- As on 1 January 2018, the population of Estonia, which consists of those who are road users in one way or another, was 1,318,705 people
- The number of Tallinn residents as on 01 March 2018 was 449,604 people
- The combined length of Estonian state roads as on 01 January 2018 was 16,605 km
- The total combined length of all roads in Estonia is on 58,974 km
- The number of cars registered in the traffic register is 731,825 (as on 31 March 2018)